Photo by Susan Horn

Photo by Susan Horn

Hi, there! I'm Taura.

My husband Joe and I are raising our beautiful daughter Leonora in Lincoln, Nebraska, and living the #ScampLife every chance we get. We try to have as many adventures as possible, and pass our love of the outdoors and travel on to Leonora. My studio is my little spot of sanity in our crazy life, where time slows down and the distractions fade away so I can focus on what is important - the people we love. I hope you get that same feeling when you look at the images I create!

My biggest influence and teacher has been my mother, Susan Horn, who is also an artist. As a child I was a subject for her portraiture work and it shaped who I am today and the photographer I’ve become. I lived in San Francisco for six years where I attended the San Francisco Art Institute. While there, I taught workshops and assisted some of the city’s best photographers. In 2007 I moved back to Nebraska and started Taura Horn Photography. 

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