Regrets? : Taura Horn Photography

"I love, love, LOVE the photos you take, and still to this day regret not hiring you for our wedding day." This comes from a couple who I am planning a lovey-dovey portrait session with, they are really sweet and cute and have some really fun ideas for their photos we'll do later this summer.  I first met them when we talked about the possibility of me photographing their wedding day - but they ended up going with someone else.  Someone who they liked personally, but then didn't love, love, LOVE the photos they got.

Sadly, I've heard this more than once.  A couple loves my work but chooses to have someone else do their photos.  All too often, people decide to let a non-professional they know, someone who has a "nice camera" or who wants to build their portfolio, or someone who has taken a photography class, photograph their special day.  Or the couple just decides to spend their budget on something else, and save on the photography imagining the deal they are getting with their free wedding photographer.  And then, sometime later, I run into them and without fail I hear the type of comment above - though a compliment, it's one I'd rather not get!

Come talk with me about your wedding day, and we can make plans to give you the photos you dream of having.  Ones you won't regret:)

Peony bouquet at my studio.