Vacation! : Taura Horn Photography

Being a photographer, I feel the need to stop every few minutes to look at something, think about it, take out a camera, fiddle with the camera, and eventually compose and make an exposure.  This will drive normal people more nuts than you can imagine - think taking a walk with your dog who has to sniff every vertical object, turning a simple walk into an exercise in patience. Luckily, my mother is a photographer too, and for the last 10ish years we have been going on special Nebraska camping trips once or twice a year together.  Just for the luxury of being able to stop and look at any piece of grass we want, or a shadow or a hill or cloud, or explore a tiny Nebraska town or abandoned building at our leisure.

Today, we are leaving on one such camping trip for a week.  We will most likely get eaten by insects, get sidelong glances by all, turn dusty and cranky, but best of all, turn off our phones and email, see some remote and beautiful and strange places in Nebraska, and of course, photograph to our heart's content.

I can't wait!  See you next week!