Summertime : Taura Horn Photography

This summer, I've been trying re-visit some of the things that fueled my creativity before I started my studio, things that are easy to fall low on the list of priorities when I am so busy with my clients.  One of them is drawing.  Another is "taking it easy" or "stopping to smell the roses" - which my husband Joe is always happy for me to do.  Many a summer has been whittled away by some serious screen time. Tonight is the First Friday Gallery Walk, and instead of getting gussied up and talking with all the Parrish Project crowd or doing a Photobooth from 7-10, I'm going to grill out with my one and only, pet the cats and maybe pull some weeds (or maybe not)...  So for everyone who is going downtown for the gallery walk, have a great time and I hope to see you soon!

My stepson.  He has some serious style, right? Image