Happy New Year! : Taura Horn Photography

Happy New Year everyone!  And congratulations to Megan and Ryan, who tied the knot last night!  Can't wait to show everyone their photos:)

I've been dutifully following my vacation plan of IGNORING my email, staying AWAY from my studio and wiping my mind clean of all things Taura Horn Photography (it sort of works), to focus on having lots of quality time with my husband while he's home from work, and hanging out with my family during the holidays.  Two of my most favorite things to do, spending time with my husband Joe and my family, and I'm happy I took a forced vacation from my studio to make happen!

But it hasn't all been presents and vacations and free time, the last month I've been getting ready for my show at Screen Ink - this Friday!  Printing, matting, framing, feeling excited and nervous and trying to make everything look sharp and ready.  It's some of my personal work, portraits that I've been creating of my friends and family for years now.  The usual thoughts rush through my mind, "What if no one comes?  What if my work really stinks and I can't tell?  What if I break a piece of glass on the way?"  But the show must go on despite the pre-show jitters, and I'm bringing in the First Friday of 2013 with 2012's New Year's resolutions - to make more art!  So come see me this Friday, have a beer and check out my photos:)

Facebook info about the show here!!

Friday, January 4, 2013 from 7-10pm

Screen Ink is located at 416 South 11th Street, Lincoln, NE