Amalia is Expecting : Taura Horn Photography

This beautiful little mama-to-be is my sister Amalia, who I photographed in her home.  Can't wait Miss Moll!001mollyblog_70060002 002mollyblog_70060001 003mollyblog_70060003 004mollyblog_70060004 005mollyblog_70060005 006mollyblog_05740003 007mollyblog_blog2 008mollyblog_05730016 009mollyblog_05740007 010mollyblog_05740008 011mollyblog_05740012 012mollyblog_05740015 013mollyblog_70060007 014mollyblog_70060010 015mollyblog_70070004 016mollyblog_70070003 017mollyblog_05740022 018mollyblog_05740030 019mollyblog_05740020 020mollyblog_05730035 021mollyblog_05730028 022mollyblog_05730022 023mollyblog_05730029 024mollyblog_05740033 025mollyblog_70070005 026mollyblog_70070010 027mollyblog_70070011 028mollyblog_70070007 029mollyblog_05730021For any of you who care about this sort of thing, I used Fuji Pro400H film with a Fuji GF670Pro, and hand rolled out-of-date Kodak T-Max 400 underexposed/overdeveloped by 3 stops, with a Nikon F100.  Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.