Iron Brush Portrait Project - Open Session : Taura Horn Photography

Working with Iron Brush clients on this project has been an amazing experience, I really loved sitting down to talk with everyone before we started working.  An interesting thing happens in those moments, and people were so open about their lives that I ended up feeling like I knew people in such an intimate way, like taking a short cut to being good friends.  Here are a few of my favorites, check out my Facebook page for all of them. This first round of photo sessions were private and invite only, but there will be open sessions for any and all Iron Brush clients at my studio this Friday, April 5th from 7-9pm.  Portraits will be made on a first come, first served basis, and space is very limited.  The response has been overwhelming, so even if I love you, I can't guarantee a spot.

Iron Brush, with friends from Liquid Courage, will be having the art opening of "Iron Courage"  at Tugboat gallery that same evening. It's right around the corner from my studio, so now you have two reasons to come down!blog_01368_02 - Mandy Studebaker blog_02353_04 - Darin Hessheimer blog_03362_01 - Tasha Horn blog_04359_04 - Ben Sattler blog_05363_01 - Amy Ferichs blog_06378_02 blog_07354_01 - Jama Rae Young blog_08361_01 blog_09352_01 - Kate Holman Walker blog_10349_02 - Brian Heine blog_11358_03 - Justin Hathaway blog_12355_01 - Nicole Renaud blog_13351_01 - Kurt Boyte