Kayla's Image Panels : Taura Horn Photography

I just received Kayla's image panels she ordered from her girl's Dew Drop By session, so of course I have to share:) A 5x5 print is way too small to hold it's own on a wall, but bring in some of it's friends and start a dynamic little gallery in your home!  This is a set of 5x5 and a set of 5x7 image panels, you could arrange them in a cluster on your wall in a bunch of ways to fill different types of spaces.  They're also wide enough to stand on their own on a shelf or buffet for a fancy little display.  As you do more portrait sessions, you can add to the arrangement on your wall with all sizes of image panels.

Want to talk about decorating your house with cool things like this?  Send me a message!

_1TH2509 _1TH2512 _1TH2521Thanks Kayla for bringing your girls in, I'm just loving seeing them grow up.