Irma & Keegan Wedding : Taura Horn Photography

Irma and Keegan wedding day started with a laid back ceremony at the Capitol, and ended with their friends and family at the Ridnor Room in the Apothecary with some serious dance time. Irma's bridesmaid baked her beautiful wedding cake, Irma and Keegan sensibly wore cool sensible shoes, and the crowd danced up a storm to every song ranging from "Crazy Accordion" to Major Lazer all mixed together for a great celebration of these two awesome people's union. Congratulations you two! 001_blog399_066 002_blog399_067 003_blog399_069 004_blog399_077 005_blog399_080 006_blog399_081 007_blog399_097 008_blog399_098 009_blog399_100 010_blog399_104 011_blog399_106 012_blog399_108 013_blog399_109 014_blog399_113 015_blog399_116 016_blog399_117 017_blog399_119 018_blog399_122 019_blog399_057 020_blog399_062 021_blog399_138 022_blog399_157 023_blog399_168 024_blog399_165 025_blog399_170 026_blog399_171 027_blog399_163 028_blog399_175 029_blog399_177 030_blog399_180 031_blog399_043 032_blog399_002 033_blog399_013 034_blog399_034 035_blog399_016 036_blog399_024 037_blog399_025 038_blog399_027 039_blog399_036 040_blog399_029 041_blog399_047 042_blog399_046 043_blog399_397 044_blog399_396 045_blog399_413 046_blog399_197 047_blog399_201 048_blog399_411 049_blog399_399 050_blog399_409 051_blog399_417 052_blog399_215 053_blog399_216 054_blog399_217 055_blog399_227 056_blog399_249 057_blog399_253 058_blog399_255 059_blog399_240 060_blog399_259 061_blog399_260 062_blog399_261 063_blog399_264 064_blog399_263 065_blog399_266 066_blog399_267 067_blog399_420 068_blog399_295 069_blog399_382 070_blog399_297 071_blog399_309 072_blog399_307 073_blog399_311 074_blog399_319 075_blog399_339 076_blog399_330 077_blog399_329 078_blog399_386 079_blog399_427 080_blog399_378 081_blog399_379 082_blog399_380 083_blog399_381 084_blog399_336