Happy 4th!

0006A few weeks ago, I took a few days off to go on my yearly photo camping trip with my mom. We have our favorite spots to go, and always try to find a new place that interests us, which is still possible after the 12 or so years we've been doing this.This last time, we decided to go to Toadstool Park.  A place we had both visited and hiked in many times over the years, but neither of us had camped there. In fact, we had never ever even seen anyone camp there and I was 90% sure we would have the little area all to ourselves. Imagine my surprise when after getting off hwy 20, going 15 miles north of Crawford on a gravel road, and then turning off that to go a mile and a half through cow pastures, Toadstool park had 3 campers there. Halfway full! I won't go on about with my description of the wind and weather and the varied and interesting people we had as fellow campers, but it was all AWESOME. I'll be taking another few days off here for the Fourth of July weekend, staying with my parents at their cabin at the Blue River Lodge.  And you really shouldn't be checking your email and getting in more screen time either this weekend. Have a great Fourth of July and I'll be back in my studio next week! 0009 This is right before a crazy storm that blew out all our tent stakes and gave us lots of amazing clouds to photograph.