February Photobooth First Friday - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

I love First Fridays at Parrish Studios! It's pretty much the coolest place in town to go, everything good is there in one place - lots of art, cool shops, music, socializing and of course ME! That is unless I'm out and about enjoying First Friday myself! I did a Valentines Photobooth, which has turned into a yearly event. Check out these awesome people who stopped by my studio and hammed it up for me, check out my Facebook page for the rest of the gallery! Like-ity like it and tag you and your friends:)Lincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_01.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_02.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_03.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_04.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_05.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_06.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_07.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_08.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_09.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_10.jpgLincoln_Nebraska_Wedding_Photographer_11.jpg