New Website!

If you're reading this, you can probably see that Taura Horn Photography has a whole new look!  A very important thing for photographers to do, which usually falls at the bottom of our to-do lists.  A little push from my photographer friend Amanda Kohler, a TON of help from my sister Amalia who is a graphic designer, and I have a website that I'm in love with.  Thank you Amalia for all your help and making me look awesome!

2014 has been my year to step back and look at where I've been, and where I want to go.  I worked with a bunch of different photographers, which was interesting to actually see how different we all are in the way we approach things.  You might think that it would make things more homogenous with people working together turning into each other, but it had the opposite effect for me.  It really drove home the fact that I am different, and that should be celebrated.  Instead of blowing along with the latest Pinterest trends, I can step out of the wind tunnel and do my own thing and it's totally ok.

I’ve started shooting film at weddings and families sessions, woot! I love using vintage 35mm and medium format cameras and seeing the beautiful results. A little slower, kind of artsy, but with a timeless feel that no Photoshop filter can replicate, it’s 100% worth the effort!

Wedding booking special - if you know someone who is getting married, send them my way! If they book before February 1st, 2015, you both receive a complimentary engagement/family session!

And yes, I’m starting my family sessions again! I really did miss seeing you and your kids, and just can’t let THAT happen anymore! Next Spring I’ll announce a set of family mini-sessions - so stay tuned:)

And lastly! You might have received an email newsletter from me - that's a new thing too!  But don't worry, it will be a quarterly thing:) 

Enjoy this photo from the Lancaster County Fair, taken with a Fuji GF67 on Fuji 400H.