Goodbye Studio:(

If things didn't change, nothing would happen - right?  Last Sunday I moved the final piece of furniture out of my downtown Lincoln studio, swept the floors and locked the door for the last time.  It was a place integral to the growth of my business as I started meeting clients and doing shoots there late 2007, where I could work on a rainy day or hang out by myself.  I spent many years of First Fridays there, talking with the crazy crowd of people who come on down, and did my awesome Valentines Photobooth every year - no more Photobooth shenanigans! 

So for now, I'm working from home.  Joe and I are getting things ready to move to a place where I can have an office and studio at home.  I'm sad, and miss my amazing studio, but know that if things didn't change, I couldn't create this new chapter in my life!

I photographed a lot of little babies, seniors, family portraits and fun stuff there, here are some of my favorites from this last year:)