Big Bend National Park

In December, Joe and I visited Big Bend National Park in Texas for some camping and hiking.  If it wasn't so far away, we'd be there all the time!  Situated on the Rio Grande with Mexico literally a stone's throw away, and with such a variety of eco-systems right there, it felt like we were visiting a bunch of parks for the price of one.  This place is so big, that there was a gas station inside.  It has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park, it's night skies are free from light pollution, giving you grand celestial views every night.  We got really into looking at the stars, and the first night we were there we saw the Geminid meteor shower, with shooting stars every minute or so.  Besides it's night sky, Big Bend has lots of ruins to explore and beautiful vistas to admire, beautiful hikes and fun bike rides, and the place was delightfully empty of visitors.  One of our favorite spots was the hot springs right on the river, where we could soak in an old bath area that was built to attract people seeking out the health benefits of warm water:)