Leah & Children - Lincoln Family Photographer

Every once in a while, I get a request to re-create a portrait that my artist mother, Susan Horn, made of them or a relative.  As her portraits were particularly introspective and serious, not to mention technically beautiful, it's an interesting challenge to create something that would appeal to current clients' tastes while retaining the spirit of the original artwork. 

Leah was one of those people, and we spent an afternoon together with three of her children collaborating on a series of portraits.

To see the amazing Susan Horn in action making photos that people can't forget about (with a perm and wearing a Sydney Lynch brooch nonetheless), click here and fast forward to minute 36!

Leah is an awesome lady, and is the mastermind behind Bijoux Deco, an artist and custom jeweler up in the Parrish Project.  Want a seriously unique engagement ring?  Talk to Leah and commission a piece of art.

For people who are curious about this sort of thing, I used a Mamiya 645afd 80mm with Ilford HP5.