Lemmers Family Photos - Cabin Time!

Cabin time in Nebraska is the best time, and I was so happy to spend some time with the Lemmers family at theirs!  I just want to bottle up those beautiful summer days on the water and keep them forever.  So I before I even got there, I knew I had to do photos on their boat!  It was so much fun I just wanted to hang out with them all day long, have a beer, cruise around in the pontoon boat and stare at the baby - things were pretty baby-centric as you can see:)  Funny enough, their cabin is just a few doors down from another place I spent some time goofing off earlier this year that I blogged about, and we ended up knowing people in common.  That's Nebraska for you!  Thank you so much everyone for making me feel so welcome, I had a blast with you all! 


Shot on Portra 160 with a Mamiya 645, developed & scanned by the Find Lab