Alex & Michael : Lincoln Country Club Wedding

Alex and Michael are two of the most easy going people : so fun, beautiful and in love : all the good things a couple should be when they tie the knot. I loved being at their wedding day at Lincoln Country Club, it was such a joyous time with friends from all over the country.  Eddie Brown from the 402 gave a special performance requested by Alex's father of a song they sang together when she was that brought tears to everyone's eyes, including mine:) Just want to point out Alex's killer Manolo Blanco shoes and elegant wedding dress. Congratulations you two!!LincolnCountryClub_01.jpgLincolnCountryClub_02.jpgLincolnCountryClub_05.jpgLincolnCountryClub_09.jpg LincolnCountryClub_11.jpgLincolnCountryClub_12.jpgLincolnCountryClub_16.jpgLincolnCountryClub_20.jpgLincolnCountryClub_21.jpgLincolnCountryClub_23.jpgLincolnCountryClub_24.jpgLincolnCountryClub_26.jpgLincolnCountryClub_27.jpgLincolnCountryClub_30.jpgLincolnCountryClub_31.jpgLincolnCountryClub_32.jpgLincolnCountryClub_33.jpgLincolnCountryClub_36.jpgLincolnCountryClub_38.jpgLincolnCountryClub_40.jpgLincolnCountryClub_42.jpgLincolnCountryClub_46.jpgLincolnCountryClub_48.jpgLincolnCountryClub_50.jpgLincolnCountryClub_51.jpgLincolnCountryClub_53.jpgLincolnCountryClub_55.jpgLincolnCountryClub_57.jpgLincolnCountryClub_61.jpgLincolnCountryClub_62.jpgLincolnCountryClub_64.jpgLincolnCountryClub_67.jpgLincolnCountryClub_68.jpgLincolnCountryClub_69.jpgLincolnCountryClub_72.jpgLincolnCountryClub_74.jpgLincolnCountryClub_77.jpgLincolnCountryClub_78.jpg

Theron & Katie Wedding

  I think that Theron & Katie's wedding was as much fun for the photographers as it was for their guests, and I am truly honored to have my friends have me photograph their amazing wedding weekend at Kapels Last Resort!  We were able to camp out with great bunch of people the night before, and we enjoyed catching up with Lincoln friends who came up the next day for the wedding.  The majority of guests came from Texas, the East Coast or West coast, and just a bunch of Theron's groomsmen and friends made their way from Texas to Nebraska via a motorcycle-road-trip-bachelor's-party and camped out along the way.  A friend's wedding, camping out, fun people and spending time with my husband, what more can I ask for? Grab some popcorn, sit back and check out this mega post of Theron & Katie's wedding weekend! Nebraska Wedding Photographer NebraskaPhotographer_621_02 NebraskaPhotographer_621_03 NebraskaPhotographer_621_06 NebraskaPhotographer_621_07 NebraskaPhotographer_621_08 NebraskaPhotographer_621_11 NebraskaPhotographer_621_12 NebraskaPhotographer_621_13 NebraskaPhotographer_621_14 NebraskaPhotographer_621_15 NebraskaPhotographer_621_18 NebraskaPhotographer_621_19 NebraskaPhotographer_621_21 NebraskaPhotographer_621_22 NebraskaPhotographer_621_23 NebraskaPhotographer_621_25 NebraskaPhotographer_621_26 NebraskaPhotographer_621_27 NebraskaPhotographer_621_28 NebraskaPhotographer_621_29 NebraskaPhotographer_621_31 NebraskaPhotographer_621_35 NebraskaPhotographer_621_36 NebraskaPhotographer_621_37 NebraskaPhotographer_621_38 NebraskaPhotographer_621_40 NebraskaPhotographer_621_42 NebraskaPhotographer_621_44 NebraskaPhotographer_621_46 NebraskaPhotographer_621_47 NebraskaPhotographer_621_48 NebraskaPhotographer_621_50 NebraskaPhotographer_621_51 NebraskaPhotographer_621_52 NebraskaPhotographer_621_53 NebraskaPhotographer_621_56 NebraskaPhotographer_621_58 NebraskaPhotographer_621_59 NebraskaPhotographer_621_60 NebraskaPhotographer_621_61 NebraskaPhotographer_621_62 NebraskaPhotographer_621_67 NebraskaPhotographer_621_68 NebraskaPhotographer_621_69 NebraskaPhotographer_621_72 NebraskaPhotographer_621_73 NebraskaPhotographer_621_74 NebraskaPhotographer_621_76 NebraskaPhotographer_621_77 NebraskaPhotographer_621_78 NebraskaPhotographer_621_80 NebraskaPhotographer_621_81 NebraskaPhotographer_621_82 NebraskaPhotographer_621_84 NebraskaPhotographer_621_86 NebraskaPhotographer_621_87 NebraskaPhotographer_621_88

Community Crops - Mickle Health Fair

I just love Community Crops, Joe and I like to take walks to the garden plot near our house and see what everyone is doing, it's so exciting to see all the different things that people do, and techniques that are used!  So I was super excited to photograph their health fair at Mickle Middle School, watch kids plant tomatos, check out the awesome hoop house and talk with the people who make it happen.Visit out Community Crops and see how they're making life better for Lincoln people! Nebraska Wedding Photographer__0036.jpg

Portrait Workshop & Art Show : Nebraska Photographer

FUN NEWS!! I'm teaching a portrait workshop, "Portraits: Lights, Camera and Breaking the Rules" in July at Darger HQ gallery in conjunction with my July 11th art opening - lots of killer portraits of interesting people! In the workshop we'll talk about the nuts and bolts of how to make a flattering portrait of someone, and how to break all the rules and have some fun!  I'll have a few models for us to practice with, and we'll have a mini critique of our favorite photos from each day.

But wait, there's more!  If you want to earn a seat for you and a friend ($150 value!), go to the Taura Horn Photography fb page and share the link for the workshop, get your friends to like your share, and the most likes wins!  Contest ends at noon on July 11th, winner announced at 8pm at my show:)

Nebraska PhotographerLink to workshop:

Mulberries, Clover and Wine

On my way home yesterday evening, I stopped to pick a big boquet of purple clover and grabbed a bottle of wine. I could have made a list of 57 other things I should have been doing instead, but I went out to our backyard, gathered some mulberries that I never have time to pick up, and just enjoyed the end of the day with my cats. And of course I had my camera with me, it was pretty, so why not? I hope everyone gets a few quiet chore-free moments as spring draws to a close.Lincoln_Food_Photographer_0008.jpg