Photographers being friends:) Part 2

Yes, photographers are nice to each other.  We learn from each other, we work with each other, we do things together and we have each other's back - it's a great community to be a part of!  Earlier this year, when chatting with two photographer friends of mine, Aubrey Leeker and Allison Garrett Johnson, we commiserated how we don't have many photos of ourselves because we're so busy photographing other people.  So we planned a day (this was hard) where we could all get together and do mini sessions with all our families.  Allison and her husband Kyle were married on a cold day in December, and Aubrey and I were asked to attend her wedding as guests (guest book attendants!) so neither of us were able to photograph our friend.  And really, it was GREAT to just be there and experience it in real life!  Meaning, if you're at a wedding as a guest, take the opportunity to enjoy the magic of a wedding and don't experience it through a screen!  Seriously.  Unplugged weddings are more fun for everyone.  So... on our evening of mini-sessions, Allison and Kyle threw on their wedding duds again and Taura Horn Photography and The Leekers got to take a stab at photographing these two with the weather a little nicer:)