Amalia - with children

Ok, I'll admit, I'm dying over these.  I loved Amalia's portraits that we did of just her - because moms deserve some TLC and recognition for how beautiful they are!  (see them here!!)  After we did her portraits, grandma brought the kids in and we made some more beautiful photos of Amalia with her little ones.  Bastian was such a good boy, and we had a lot of fun putting a little toy on top of his head (tricks, I tell ya) and talking about his band aid.  Poppy actually had some fun too, her unofficial (and funny) nickname is "Mini Godzilla" and was happiest in mama's arms.  I love the moments where Bastian and Amalia just talk for a few moments:)  Thank you for the wonderful afternoon everyone!

Amalia's makeup by Alicia's Makeup Artistry