Nikki & Justin Family Photos

When I was able to get Nikki Moore & fam in my studio in return for my beautiful maternity session last summer, I was excited!  Photographing another photographer is both a little nerve-wracking and fun.  Fun because they know about all the posing rigamarole and know how colors and outfits work together (which she did amazing with both), but nerve-wracking because I hope I don't look bad in front of a photographer I respect!  But the Moore family's session was as fun and easy as it could be, and I enjoyed seeing the distinct personalities of her two kiddos - one goofy and one serious!  We also fit in some photos of Nikki and Justin together, and some photos of Nikki to use for her businesses.  Go Nikki, you look so cute and amazing!  Thanks for coming by and letting me make some fun photos of you and your family!