Choosing Clothes For Your Child's Portraits - Diaper Covers!

Yes, the humble diaper cover:) If we’ve talked about what your baby should wear for their portraits, you’ll remember I’ve asked you if you have any diaper covers! There’s nothing better than those chunky toddler legs, that little belly, and all that lovely baby skin that your baby wears best. You might not want to cover up your kissable baby with bulky clothes that may or may not fit well. Your baby changes so much in their first few years, that you’ll love to look back and see how they looked, felt and snuggled:) I have a pile of diaper covers if you don’t have any, so if your child is little enough that they don’t need to wear much, let’s try diaper covers!

Choosing Clothes For Your Child's Portraits - Vintage!

Thinking about what your child will wear for their photo session can be stressful, these portraits will hang in your house for the next 20, 30, 40 (50?) years! Do you buy something new, borrow something, or stick with something they’ve already worn? Well, I have another idea for you, that could be cuter and more meaningful than those options! It starts with a story…

My sister brought her son Augustine to my studio for his first year portraits, and I had a little pair of white appliquéd overalls for him to wear. A month or so later when I gave her a matted print, our Grandma Vi saw it and said, “OH! Those overalls were your Dad’s when he was a year old!” How cool! “I made those for your Dad out of Grandpa’s navy uniform, his service dress whites. After he came back from the war, I made them into toddler overalls and sewed a little clown face on.” Now that was really cool, and made Gus’s photos really special. They are literally a piece of our family history, and Gus was able to wear them when they fit perfectly.

I love little stories like these, that give special meaning to your photos. When I can create an image where not only do you remember how cute and little they were, but can spark memories and start conversations.

What kind of special items do you or your mother have sitting in a box, waiting for a little one to put on again? Vintage children’s clothes, even if they’re not family heirlooms, give a classic look to your child’s portraits. I have some more pieces in my collection that I can’t wait to photograph Leonora in, and would be more than happy to share my adorable vintage baby/toddler wardrobe with you! So ask the Grandmas, go to an Antique store, and find the timeless piece will fit your child to make their session extra memorable:)