Tokyo in 4 days

Part of the epic winter vacation that Joe and I took in December, included 4 days and 3 nights in Tokyo.  Joe's Uncle David and Michiko were our hosts, giving us a whirlwind tour of Tokyo where we literally started running for trains the second we got off the plane.  I've never been to Japan before, and I was truly out of my element and haven't felt more American than I have in a while, with unspoken rules like "No talking on the train", "Picking your teeth in public is rude, but picking your nose isn't" and "Being polite is more important than being right" which was a hard one for me, ha ha:)  I feel like I'm generally a nice and tactful person, but I got nothing on the Japanese!  But seriously, if someone cuts in front of you in line, is it really that terrible to direct them to the end of the block long line?  Looking back at my trip diary, I spent 2 pages detailing the wonder and joy of their toilets.  And Joe and I couldn't get enough of the crazy tv shows.  Or how amazing the food was, from fancy restaurants to 7-11.  And their camera stores, their beautiful camera stores!  I'm lucky I wasn't quick enough to calculate the exchange rate, or else I'd have left with a backpack full of cameras.  Two full days certainly isn't enough time to see Tokyo, and with the glimpse of how interesting and cool a place it is, we're already scheming on how to make the trip again:)

Western Nebraska Trip

Camping with my mom on a back quarter section on the ranch that her and her sister Karen inherited, near Redington Gap in Morrill County.  Just us and the cows, our own private park in the Sandhills.  Cousin Eden comes with Aunt Karen, and we both climb the working windmill after a few drinks.  I guess they can't find anyone to repair windmills anymore, Eden cuts his head on a blade.  We visit the cemetery, we stop at Trailer Row, we try to chop down thistles.  We visit with family, lawyers, grass inspectors, and the extremely scarce general contractors there are out there.  And I try to take some photos, being rushed on every time I raise my camera to my face.  On the seven hour drive back to Lincoln, I vow to come back sooner to this magical place with a little more time to soak it all in, and always disappoint myself when I don't.

Shot with a Fuji GA645 on Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Portra 160, developed and scanned by Miller's Lab.

Kelsey & Ryan Wedding Portraits

This was a really fun wedding for me, as I was a guest!  My husband Joe was one of Ryan's groomsmen, and I took full advantage of my guest status and danced the night away!  Even though I wasn't there as an "official" photographer, I made sure to steal Kelsey and Ryan away during the moody Iowa dusk for a roll of black & white film with my Rolleiflex camera.  Thank you two for throwing an awesome party, I loved mingling with your friends and family!  And a mega big thank you for letting me take some photos:)  Congratulations!