Bastian 3 months : Taura Horn Photography

I have some awesome weddings I can't wait to blog about, but I just have to share my little nephew Bastian Oliver's 3 month photos.  That little guy is a hypnotist, I just want to stare into his eyes all day!   I love how you can watch his emotions and thoughts flash across his sweet face as fast as he has them.  I love how his hair is growing in blonde, his pretty little eyelashes, and how he puts the soles of his feet together and wiggles around.  I know I'm not biased or anything, but I think he's pretty darn cute:)001_blog408_002 002_blog408_033 003_blog408_024 004_blog408_005 005_blog408_006 006_blog408_034 007_blog408_035 008_blog408_009 009_blog408_022 010_blog408_026 011_blog408_028 012_blog408_025 013_blog408_021 014_blog408_018 015_blog408_020 016_blog408_011 017_blog408_031 018_blog408_032 019_blog408_001