Marisa & Terry Wedding : Taura Horn Photography

  I love these two! They married in a courtroom with their friends and family present, dined in Lazlo's private party room (it's awesome!) and had a big after party bash at the Bourbon with friends bands playing!  They did it their way, and I loved everything from their woodsy/science theme, to their completely laid back attitude about the day as a celebration of their union.  Congratulations you two!001_blog401_033 002_blog401_014 003_blog401_041 004_blog401_010 005_blog401_068 006_blog401_049 007_blog401_018 008_blog401_056 009_blog401_024 010_blog401_064 011_blog401_048 012_blog401_023 013_blog401_034 014_blog401_060 015_blog401_061 016_blog401_042 017_blog401_053 018_blog401_044 019_blog401_135 020_blog401_142 021_blog401_139 022_blog401_131 025_blog401_151 027_blog401_157 028_blog401_158 029_blog401_160 030_blog401_161 031_blog401_176 032_blog401_169 035_blog401_179 036_blog401_173 038_blog401_185 039_blog401_189 040_blog401_194 041_blog401_195 043_blog401_197 044_blog401_201 045_blog401_208 047_blog401_217 049_blog401_236 050_blog401_104 051_blog401_072 052_blog401_073 053_blog401_075 054_blog401_079 055_blog401_085 056_blog401_090 058_blog401_084 059_blog401_091 060_blog401_097 061_blog401_102 062_blog401_094 063_blog401_398 064_blog401_388 066_blog401_263 067_blog401_366 069_blog401_307 070_blog401_415 071_blog401_274 072_blog401_279 073_blog401_287 074_blog401_294 075_blog401_382 076_blog401_296 079_blog401_383 080_blog401_399 081_blog401_247 082_blog401_400 083_blog401_325 084_blog401_330 085_blog401_334 086_blog401_411 087_blog401_363 088_blog401_357