Dolores' 90th Birthday Celebration

Dolores celebrated her 90th birthday with lots of friends and family, at First Plymouth, and was just about the sweetest and most gracious woman you'd want in your life for even half those years.  A surprise visit from a barbershop quartet, a beautiful cake from Golden Rod bakery, cute vintage postcards that everyone wrote special messages to her on, were only icing on the cake - what made the party really special was how many people came to spend the afternoon celebrating her big milestone birthday.  Happy Birthday Dolores!

Vendela's 90th Birthday Celebration

Vendela just hit a pretty big birthday milestone, 90 years! To celebrate, her family threw a party so everyone for miles around could come say hi to this wonderful woman, who has been mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend to so many people.  The decorations had a traditional Swedish theme, (nice job ladies!) and I loved walking around the small town and talking with everyone there.  It's a really special thing to still have someone you love around at that age, and it really made me happy to see how much love and appreciation she has from her family and community. 

Happy Birthday Vendela!