Choosing Clothes For Your Child's Portraits - Vintage!

Thinking about what your child will wear for their photo session can be stressful, these portraits will hang in your house for the next 20, 30, 40 (50?) years! Do you buy something new, borrow something, or stick with something they’ve already worn? Well, I have another idea for you, that could be cuter and more meaningful than those options! It starts with a story…

My sister brought her son Augustine to my studio for his first year portraits, and I had a little pair of white appliquéd overalls for him to wear. A month or so later when I gave her a matted print, our Grandma Vi saw it and said, “OH! Those overalls were your Dad’s when he was a year old!” How cool! “I made those for your Dad out of Grandpa’s navy uniform, his service dress whites. After he came back from the war, I made them into toddler overalls and sewed a little clown face on.” Now that was really cool, and made Gus’s photos really special. They are literally a piece of our family history, and Gus was able to wear them when they fit perfectly.

I love little stories like these, that give special meaning to your photos. When I can create an image where not only do you remember how cute and little they were, but can spark memories and start conversations.

What kind of special items do you or your mother have sitting in a box, waiting for a little one to put on again? Vintage children’s clothes, even if they’re not family heirlooms, give a classic look to your child’s portraits. I have some more pieces in my collection that I can’t wait to photograph Leonora in, and would be more than happy to share my adorable vintage baby/toddler wardrobe with you! So ask the Grandmas, go to an Antique store, and find the timeless piece will fit your child to make their session extra memorable:)

Happy New Year!

I didn't realize that I hadn't written a blog post since before my daughter Leonora was born in August!  I had to do a double take, thinking it was maybe a mistake, as I've never neglected my blog for that long.  So if you're here and reading this, thank you for coming back after all this time!

When Joe, Leo and I came back from our winter vacation, I opened a pretty handmade card from Leo's amazing babysitter, Paulette, and pretty much started crying at how thoughtful, kind and insightful her words are.  I started thinking of all the people I'm thankful for, and was overcome with how long my list was, and how I can only skim the surface in this post.  I am thankful for my husband Joe, how kind and even he is, how hard he works to give us a good life.  I'm thankful for our amazing families.  I'm thankful for my mom, Joe's mom, and my sisters, who have trod this road of motherhood before me, and their invaluable love & wisdom in my journey with Leo:) I'm thankful that we live close to my sisters and Leo can grow up with her awesome little cousins.  I'm thankful to have found great care for Leo when I needed to get back to the studio, I'm pretty sure Paulette is more fun that I am!  I'm thankful for the fertility & prenatal care of Dr. Hilgers, both of them!  I'm thankful for Suzy Meyers and the people at Milkworks who helped me get through the early days when I was insane with sadness and hormones.  I'm thankful for this little baby you see below, who came to live with Joe and I and let us be her parents, she's such a sweet and good baby!  And I'm thankful I get to start 2018 with all these people, and at this time of year make resolutions to be a better person in all the ways.

Happy New Year!

Looking back at these photos, I'm amazed at how much Leo has changed.  Her skinny little leggies, her tiny face, her first happy smiles (not gas, sorry everyone, my baby smiled right away) and how birdlike she was in the beginning.  Now at 4 1/2 months, she's a round faced little cabbage patch doll, with crazy hair and those beautiful chunky baby legs that I will miss.  <3

Photographers being friends:) Part 2

Yes, photographers are nice to each other.  We learn from each other, we work with each other, we do things together and we have each other's back - it's a great community to be a part of!  Earlier this year, when chatting with two photographer friends of mine, Aubrey Leeker and Allison Garrett Johnson, we commiserated how we don't have many photos of ourselves because we're so busy photographing other people.  So we planned a day (this was hard) where we could all get together and do mini sessions with all our families.  Allison and her husband Kyle were married on a cold day in December, and Aubrey and I were asked to attend her wedding as guests (guest book attendants!) so neither of us were able to photograph our friend.  And really, it was GREAT to just be there and experience it in real life!  Meaning, if you're at a wedding as a guest, take the opportunity to enjoy the magic of a wedding and don't experience it through a screen!  Seriously.  Unplugged weddings are more fun for everyone.  So... on our evening of mini-sessions, Allison and Kyle threw on their wedding duds again and Taura Horn Photography and The Leekers got to take a stab at photographing these two with the weather a little nicer:)

Arizona : From Desert to Mountains to Canyons

Every moment that I can take to get out there in the world, I take.  Last September, there was a trip to a Paradise Valley to Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon with my mom and sisters, visiting my mom's sister's family.  Taking hikes, making big dinners and shopping excursions.  The kids (that includes me) took a trip to the Grand Canyon.  It feels like a pretty tiny thing to point a camera at it and hope you make something different than the other people standing next to you.  So many things to see everywhere, the Flintstones Village (we didn't pay to go in), truck owners that want to express how dangerous they are, trees, cacti, clouds, storms, big amazing rocks and big amazing canyons.  A tiny a-frame church in the mountains.  My family.